Broker focused solutions


The wide range of tools, features, and functionality that we provide on platform is the reason why sharebrokers are calling on us to help manage their clients’ portfolios.


Here are some of the key tools they find most attractive:


  • Model portfolios on either a centralised or personalised basis
  • Transaction linking (link sales to buys) will audit/change trail
  • Trade splitting and trade prioritisation tools
  • Automated FX switching to fund international purchases
  • Option to select your settlement currency
  • Extensive mandate management tools
  • Automated contract note issuance via text, email, online or hard copy
  • Personal brokerage packages
  • Deposit and spend and withdrawal and sell tools
  • Record of advice functionality
  • Online client authorisation tools
  • Full or pro rata sale tools
  • Automated order execution utilising NZXWT’s FIX engine


Are you a sharebroker? Talk to us about how we can make managing the administration and reporting on your client portfolios easier.

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