KiwiSaver and
NZ Super schemes


With NZX Wealth Technologies it is possible to hold KiwiSaver and other NZ Super schemes alongside traditional custodial wrap investment portfolios. You are now able to manage your client’s investments in a consolidated and consistent fashion.

KiwiSaver and NZ Super scheme providers use our platform to offer an outstanding service to their members. This includes:

  • Bespoke or model portfolios construction
  • Investing in a wide variety of asset types such as managed funds, direct equities, term deposits and bonds. All in any currency
  • Online investor portal providing comprehensive reporting and differing degrees of self service
  • User friendly B2B interface handling communication between the IRD and KiwiSaver scheme. This makes managing government contributions, contribution holidays, MTC eligibility and a whole lot more very easy
  • Task management framework which handles common events in KiwiSaver and NZ Super schemes. This allows you to design your own workflows around common tasks like withdrawals and transfers

Talk to us about how we can make it easier for you to incorporate KiwiSaver and NZ Super schemes into your clients’ investment administration and reporting.

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