For investors


It’s most likely you are here because your adviser has talked to you about us and our platform. We want to make sure you feel confident that this is a great option for managing your investment and it’s delivered by a credible organisation that knows what they are doing.

NZX Wealth Technologies is one of the fastest growing platforms in the market with over $7billion in funds under management. We work with hundreds of advisers and wealth managers and manage investment portfolios for thousands of investors.

We are 100% owned by NZX Limited (NZX), New Zealand’s stock exchange. This ownership ensures we have strong governance and a carefully considered risk framework.  NZX is a well-respected entity, strictly following the regulations of a financial market. We take our obligations to investors seriously - all our processes and systems are configured in compliance with current rules and regulations.

Your adviser has access to a wide range of local and international investments using our platform. Your investments will be pooled with others, minimising fees and also gaining access to many investments not otherwise attainable to a retail investor.

If your investments are held in custody with our nominee, they are held by a custodian that is independent of your adviser. You will receive regular independent reporting from your custodian confirming your holdings and transaction history.

Tax processes are simplified with a comprehensive tax report. All relevant tax withholding events are carried out throughout the year and summarised within your tax pack.

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