Platform transfers


You are considering a move of platform. One of the biggest considerations is whether you can safely retain your clients’ income and transaction history and still be able to provide comprehensive historic reporting. You can.

We understand this is one of the most critical aspects of moving platforms and have invested a lot of time and effort building a suite of automated migration tools utilising our API infrastructure.

Some will tell you that a full history is not possible, however we have proven it is. We have an outstanding track record of moving complete trade and income history from a variety of different source systems.

Using our data migration team and their automated tools your clients will be able to access to:

  • Full transaction history
  • Historic holding and valuation reports as at any date in the past
  • Asset historical performance as at any date in the past 
  • Your since inception performance
  • Historic tax reporting

You can move to our platform with complete confidence that your clients’ entire history will come across with you.

Hear from our clients and their experiences from migrating to the NZXWT's platform and gain insights from the ten steps to a successful onboarding project. 

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